AmaranthineWelcome to the first Word Wednesday!

The first entry in my literary look book of great words is amaranthine. A little about my lovely friend (taken from the online Oxford English Dictionary, US English):


Syllabification: am·a·ranth

  1. any plant of the genus Amaranthus, typically having small green, red, or purple tinted flowers. Certain varieties are grown for food.
    1. Family Amaranthaceae: several genera, especially Amaranthus
  2. an imaginary flower that never fades.
  3. a purple color.



Pronunciation:/ˌaməˈranTHin, -ˌTHīn/


How I came across this word

I honestly can’t remember exactly where I first read this word. In my early twenties I was writing a poem for a contest, and the word amaranthine was perfect. The line went, “We were in fear. Brother, why had you such faith, so unwearied, a hope so amaranthine?” Ever since then, the word has stuck in my mind as a favorite.

My sentence

She sighed, looking at the overwhelming choices of flowers and settled on some sort of orchid with three modest, almost shy, amaranthine buds.

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