Real shots from the Smith life. I’m laughing because he works in non-profits so…a lot of staycations in store.

What is going ON with you two?

People who meet my husband and I often remark on our joy and comedic chemistry. We are super jokey most of the time. We also fight, which is where half the comedy comes from. (I really wish we’d thought of We Fought About. We’d rock that. There’d be tweets like “John’s kitchen abandonment issues” and “Jessica doesn’t close cabinets 73% of the time.”)

Domestic jokes aplenty here.

We’ve been together for eight years (married for seven), so we’ve had some time to develop our schtick, which is less of a schtick and more of an absurd and hilarious rhythm. Domestic jokes are almost entirely unscripted, as is life. Some day I’ll blog about how we got this way, because our relationship wasn’t born like this.

So, from time to time I’ll be sharing things we said. Sometimes I’ll share the context, but most of the time not because it’s funnier that way. So here we go.

He Said

You should write ‘Blank Inside’ Cards. #BrianRegan