Here’s a Tea Thought inspired by the saying “You have the same number of hours in a day as Beyoncé.

I like this take: “Maybe Beyoncé does her own laundry, but I fucking doubt it. There are two hours right there that she has that I do not.”

Haha, true that. Here’s my version. I’d rather be a butterfly than Beyoncé. Butterflies don’t have to wear corsets or booty shorts.

Tea Thoughts #24 | Hours in a day

I’d rather be a honey badger, and my husband might agree, especially when it comes to chores or bad customer service. Rude and inadequate customer service person, I will tear you a new one, namely by taking down your name and information like a boss and escalating the shit out of this call. Honey badger takes care of business (69 million views and counting).

Tea Thoughts #24 honey badger