Louie CK knows how I feel

I just posted this on Chicago’s EveryBlock, a public bulletin board for neighborhood communication. Such heroic behavior deserves mention.

This is an ode to the early morning honker, the person giving a ride to an unseen passenger this very Saturday at 6:30am. I don’t have kids and selfishly expect sleep, so you reminded me of that. You must have known I was in danger of sleeping in on this non-work day for me. Thank you, person who probably has a cell phone and could have called said passenger to notify them of arrival, for your brusque honk-honk-honk, a trinity of super quick cacophony, for not only making sure I saw the sunrise, but for testing to see if my sympathetic nervous system was working. FYI: It is. Thank you, because I frequently forget about it.

Thank you for honking when you could have easily double parked in a quiet & empty Lincoln Square to flag down/ ring the door of said passenger, because this way I get to imagine–for just a beautiful second–what it’s like in New York or Hong Kong at noon on Tuesday.

Where, I must ask, did you learn such spectacular common courtesy? You must have taken a course from the early morning clamorous crew at Lake Shore Recycling Company. Those guys are common courtesy pros, frequently arriving at 5:45 or, on their more lazy days, 6:40 or so, and doing their job with such aplomb. Those guys know how to get it done, and by it, I mean making my Circadian rhythm like that of a mutable jazz solo. And I really like jazz, so why not syncopate my very being? Noise ordinance 11-4-2900, you are for obedient losers.

I nominate you, sir/ ma’am, for a Nobel Prize for common courtesy. Please feel free to enter your own nominees for this prize in the comments.

Sleepy coffee shop patron

PS–If you’ve seen this scene from Louie, I feel like it captures the wonder of this moment I experienced this morning: