I had the pleasure of working with Jessica in the first half of 2020. We were working together in a very strategy related project that needed a lot of definition. Both Jessica and I were remote and that never felt like a problem, since communication was really smooth. Her ideas were always very accurate and interesting, very detailed oriented. I’m very happy I got the chance to work with such a professional UX writer. I’ve learned a lot from her, and any project would be lucky to have her on their team!

D.F., UX Designer

It’s not every day you have the opportunity to collaborate with an exceptional UX Writer like Jessica. I had the pleasure of working with Jessica for almost two years on a Fortune 500 financial service client at Solstice. She has been a huge asset to the team. Working with her has not only improved how I think about UX writing but our clients as well. I was always impressed by her ability to collaborate with designers and business stakeholders to come up with copy that constantly aligned with the overall company goals. Jessica has earned my highest recommendation and any team would be lucky to have her!

T.P., UX Designer

Jessica is intelligent, sensitive, and perceptive. All of these traits help her excel at interviewing clients and employees, getting them to open up and share, and then crafting that content into stories that elicit emotional responses and drive action.

– A.S., Corporate director

Jessica brings a very creative presence to any individual or organization fortunate enough to work with her. Her writing is engaging and to the point. She has the ability to convey information efficiently, but with amusing anecdotes that really leave a mark. In our case working for a startup, Jessica immediately showed the ability to pick up multiple tasks in a short period of time. Most importantly, she is a true pleasure to work alongside and an incredible asset to any organization or company where she chooses to spend her time.

– B.S., Managing Editor, Tech editorial web site

Jessica is one of the most talented and intelligent persons I know. She completely transformed the look of my foundation to where it gets raves now. I am extremely happy to recommend her in any business venture or capacity.

D.P., Physician, Non-profit founder

Jessica is an especially gifted writer and has created stories, articles, and blog entries that are creative and fun…while also effective in getting a particular message across. Similarly, she is adept at speaking to a variety of crowds – her creative flair is a real benefit as she can easily capture the attention of a crowd and hold it even in the face of topics that may not be popular or may not at first appear to be valid. She has a particular penchant for putting a new, relevant spin on topics that have become perhaps a bit stale in their past promotion.

– A.G., Non-profit program manager

Jessica is a talented writer. I have known her for several years and have admired her passion for the topics about which she has blogged and have learned a great deal from her. In addition to the quality of her writing, Jessica has a unique wit and sharp intelligence that is always a delight to read.

C.A.Director of Advancement | Fundraising professional

Jessica is definitely talented. She created an appealing brochure for a challenging market.

J.L., Non-profit manager

Jessica is a highly cogent writer and thinker, and I have great regard for her blogging and editing talents. I would recommend her for any work in this or any other connection.

– L.C., Writer | Editor

 Jessica has consistently provided a steely eye for the real and possibile without being shackled by ideology. She calls it as she sees it. And Jessica’s eyes see a lot.  There are a lot of people writing in the cybersphere/ blogosphere/ meosphere who seek to advance themselves or an agenda. Jessica, refreshingly, seeks to share what she knows without carrot or stick. She only wants you to listen.

J.L., Writer

Jessica’s copy and creativity will bring customers AND unicorns to your business.

T.M., Made up client