What I Do

Is writing still a thing?

Like, do people still use good words to make whole sentences? Do people use those sentences to express ideas?

If you thought all had become OMG’s, IDK’s, LOL’s, bleep-blorp, Java, HTML, and infographics, I’m here with good news. Even in a digital, hugely visual world, nothing has meaning without words. People are still talking. In a clamorous culture, it’s all the more important to have the right words. The good news is: writing is still a thing.

I am a comedian and a copywriter, and I am poised to find the right words for you.

Know that comedians, especially those trained in improvisational and sketch comedy, are trained writers and listeners. We know about timing, brevity, and levity. We are immensely observant. These are vital elements for great writing and lively copy, which sets my work apart.

As I mention in my bio, one of my strengths as a writer is my ability to fail, to not be precious. I give it a go and deliver something brilliant. That, joined with a vivid imagination, an analytical mind and kick ass wit, make me unforgettable. More than that, though: I will make your words unforgettable.