Today’s Word Wednesday is effulgence, a sort of opposite of last week’s choice, penumbra. I should mention I was watching Big Fish last week, and there’s a scene where Danny DeVito, a circus ringmaster, announces the entrance of a circus performer, a giant whose name is…. La Penumbra! I was very excited to hear my Word Wednesday word in a movie! I’m SUCH a nerd. And also if you haven’t seen the movie, you must.

Ok, a little about today’s word (taken from the online Oxford English Dictionary):


Syllabification: ef·ful·gent
Pronunciation: /iˈfo͝oljənt, iˈfəl- /

ADJECTIVE • literary
1shining brightly; radiant.
1.1(of a person or their expression) emanating joy or goodness.



Origin – mid 18th century: from Latin effulgent- ‘shining brightly’, from the verb effulgere, from ex- ‘out’ + fulgere ‘to shine’.

My sentence

Her laugh had an effervescence. He wondered if it was possible to capture it with out dulling its extraordinary effulgence.

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