Tea Thoughts #23 | MonsantoGo against the grain. Be a rebel. Dare to dream your dreamy dream dreams. Reach for the rainbows and follow the shiny stars of your heart hopes. Just stay away from GMO’s in your journey and you’ll be all the better to do bold things, namely waking up to live another day.

GMOh no you didn’t

I know Monsanto is not the only GMO seed provider out there, but due to their spectacular PR failures and big ass market share, they have become an icon of corporate strongarming GMO¬†seed slingers. Why isn’t Monsanto a verb yet?

For your reading list and viewing pleasure, here are a few links to find out a little more and chuckle along the way. And I don’t care if you don’t like Jon Stewart because he’s a big fat liberal. He’s hilarious, sharp, and just may have a point.

Monsanto chuckles

Do you have any Monsanto  funnies to share? Please do in the comments!