Pop Culture Happy Hour’s ‘What’s Making Us Happy’

Pop Culture Happy Hour PodcastPop Culture Happy Hour is one of my favorite podcasts. I love the topics. It’s well directed and produced, and there’s always a fun conversation. At the end of each podcast, they go around and talk about what’s making them happy this week. The only rule is that it has to be something others can enjoy.

It’s such a positive segment, and everyone gets quick, new recommendations from people with great taste. I can’t vouch for what you’ll think of my taste, but I’d love to start sharing:

What’s Making Me Happy This Week

Lady Dynamite poster

Lady Dynamite on Netflix

Lady Dynamite is comedian Maria Bamford‘s new Netflix show. The show is co-created by Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz and South Park alum Pam Brady. If you fancy yourself a huge comedy fan and a little bit of a weirdo, you’ll love Lady Dynamite. It’s a semi-autobiographical show about the comedian’s journey through life and comedy with mental illness. And it’s awesome.

Maria Bamford is my hero for her giant talent, beautiful vulnerability, and courageous creativity. She makes me want to nurture my inner weirdo and keep doing comedy and life.


The Lady Dynamite Tumblr

Lady Dynamite’s Tumblr is every bit as awesome as the show. It’s a combination of illustrations, GIFs, and photoshopped collages. Make your own Maria GIF (like I did here)! It’s fun and if you’ve seen the show, it’ll put a smile on your face. Even if you’ve not seen the show, it’ll probably still put a smile on your face.

Austin Kleon’s Weekly Newsletter & “Just Don’t Lose the Magic”

austin kleonAustin Kleon is an artist and writer. He wrote “Steal Like An Artist,” “Show Your Work,” and lots of other things. I get his weekly newsletter, and just loved one of the articles, “Just don’t lose the magic,” so much.  Kleon relates reading a great piece about George Saunders’ writing education, in which Saunders essentially learns not to lose the spark, the thing that makes a writer unique, in trying to be serious, in trying to do it the way we’re supposed to. Read Kleon’s own experience of the losing the magic and getting back. Great quotes, great inspiration. Sign up for his newsletter via his website or his Twitter profile link.

Benedict CabbagepatchBenedict-Cumberbatch-Doll-400x470

This is just awesome. I’m an 80’s child and Cumberbatch fan and this made me laugh. (Photo via the Frisky care of the Frogman.)

What’s making you happy this week?

(Happy woman featured image via unsplash by Seth Doyle)