Loud Talker

I love hearing you smile. Ohmygosh, babe, even your smile is loud.

She said this to John today.

Welcome back to Things We Said, quotes from the Smith family domestic life.

Anyone who knows John knows he’s loud. Like, not pathologically loud. He would never get arrested, I think, but the volume with which he conducts himself (speaking mostly, but also laughing) has been a frequent talking point among family and friends. We even had his hearing tested once. It’s apparently normal. Science might be wrong. Just ask the people at the Second City Show we went to last night. It is a frequent occurrence that the people around us at comedy-based events give us the over-the-shoulder or judgmental side glance.

For my part, I will own that I have an obnoxiously loud laugh (I think it’s adorable). I am my mother’s daughter. My mother had a thunder-clap of a guffaw, and I have inherited that gift. I think it’s aggressively putting my joy into the universe, although many a restaurant diner may disagree.

What do you think? Do you know a loud talker? What are your coping strategies? Is there such thing as laugh-based voiceover work? Let me know.