Things she said - RSS Feed for tragedy

She said this to John today.

Welcome back to Things We Said, quotes from the Smith family domestic life. The only thing John and I love more than teasing each other is making fun of ourselves, which I did when I said this to him.

I love the news, and I can’t help helping.

I know John doesn’t generally listen to the news (I call him Anthony Crispino when he tries to tell me about the news), and I know having a general awareness of global and domestic news can facilitate professional and personal conversations. So I help (I can’t help helping, uggh).

News is often bad news.

The news is What's Wrong Dmitri Martin

I love this Dmitri Martin quote. It’s true, and so naturally when I update John on the news, it’s often terrible news. I frequently say things like, “Did you see that thing with that guy?” or “Did you hear about that big international incident in that country?” or “Did you see this viral video of that thing?” So when I asked him if he’d heard about the latest terrible world thing, I interrupted my self and said, “I’m sorry I’m such a Debbie Downer. I just want to help you know what’s going on. Ohmygosh, I’m your personal RSS feed for tragedy.”